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The AmmoBot is the simplest, most reliable, most cost-effective Dillon 1050 auto drive.  There are no complex mechanical components, no difficult electrical issues to overcome, and no sending in your press for lengthy modification.  

Installing the AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive

It's simple to install the AmmoBot 1050 autodrive. Just unbolt your 1050 from the bench, bolt down the AmmoBot, and bolt your press to the top.  Attach the drive plate and you now have an automatic Dillon 1050 press.  It really is just that easy.

Support for the AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive

Along with our products, you receive the most comprehensive customer service you could possibly desire.  The AmmoBot Crew has over 100 years of combined experience in automation, software development, machine design, and let's not forget, reloading quality ammunition.  We also have a group AmmoBot owners who have created a Facebook group for sharing ideas, tips and tricks for making your AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive the best it can be.

We are on-hand to make sure your experience with our AmmoBot reloading equipment is second-to-none.  We know what is like to be a reloader. But reloaders are not the only group we cater to. Brass processors also love our machines. Whether it be loading ammo, or processing rifle or pistol brass, our team can help make your experience a great one.  

More information on the AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive

Take a look around, watch some of the videos on the Videos page to see the progression of the AmmoBot from concept to the current product, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before you make your order.

Thanks for your interest in our products.

The AmmoBot Crew

P.S.  Loading faster, higher quality ammo means you get to spend more time shooting!

Please note:  First Responder and Military service verification is handled by a third party.  AmmoBot LLC uses these services for verification purposes only and DOES NOT have access to, or maintain, personal information used by these services.


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