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New Support Information

Posted by Jason Pruett on

If you are an existing customer of ours, you may or may not have noticed that we have added a couple new features to our website.  When you sign into our website with your customer account, you will see the new Support tab on our main menu.  If your screen is not very wide, it may appear under the More section of the menu.  Clicking this menu option will give you access to the following new sections of our website.

Software Updates

This page has the change log of the most recent software revisions, as well as a description of the issues that were resolved in that version.  New software features will be announced here as well.  Please note that the software revisions listed on our website are for Rev2 or newer machines.  Loading these software patches on a MK1 machine will cause it to malfunction.  MK1 control boxes are smaller, and only have two silver harness connectors on the back.


This section of the website is a front line for any issue you may be having.  This list is not comprehensive.  Any technical issues you may be having should always be addressed by contacting our support staff at the Contact Page, our Facebook page, or by visiting the AmmoBot Owner's Group on Facebook.

Stay tuned for an announcement of our newest USPSA match sponsorship in the coming weeks.

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