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Sensors, sensors everywhere. . .

Posted by Jason Pruett on

There has been a great deal of talk about what auto drive system has the most "sensors" available.  The truth is, we do offer a number of sensors on our website for use with our system.  However, we provided a way for our customers to be able to wire in pretty much anything with a switch right into our wiring harness and use that to halt our system.  Because of that, we have what we feel is the most extensible system on the market today.  No special harnesses, no special coding required.  Just plug it in and it works.  We even have a new market emerging for aftermarket sensors just for use with the AmmoBot line of auto drives.  You can see evidence of that by visiting one of our dealers and seeing what they have to offer when it comes to sensors and aftermarket add-ons.  Click this link to visit the ImmortoBot website.

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