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The REAL Truth About Rounds Per Hour

Posted by Jason Pruett on

Good old RPH. . . 

This is a term used by auto drive manufacturers to describe how fast a machine is running.  It's been that way since long before the announcement of the very first commercially available computer-controlled 1050 auto drive back in September of 2014.  (Yes, it was us.)  The REAL truth about this term is that it's a misnomer.  It's not real at all.  

The truth is, auto drives do one thing.  They cycle the press.  Using the term "rounds per hour" to describe the speed of a drive system is confusing and misleading.  Which is why we have decided to dump the old RPH terminology on our systems and replace it with a true description of machine speed: Cycles Per Hour (CPH).

CPH is a relative term used to describe how many times the press will cycle in a given hour if not stopped.  It is a real-world description of the pace of the machine, and nothing more.

We decided it was high time that auto drive manufacturers stopped trying to deceive their customers by calling a cyclic rate anything other than what it is.

Stay tuned as we continue to speed up, smooth out, and innovate new ways to improve the output of the Dillon 1050 system.  We will continue to do this while maintaining the original structure and functionality of the press.

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