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AmmoBot Rev3 Sorting Out SPP 45 ACP Cases at Over 3,400 CPH

This is a short video showing our AmmoBot Rev3 sorting small primer 45 cases from large primer 45 cases at over 3,400 cycles per hour.

AmmoBot Rev3 223 Rem

This is a video made by our friends at Center-Mass Ammo of them putting their AmmoBot Rev3 through its paces making some .223 Remington at various speeds. You can find more information on Center-Mass Ammo at http://centermassammo.com or https://www.facebook.com/Center-Mass-Ammo-469937549821816

AmmoBot Rev2 Running 9mm at Over 2,800 Cycles Per Hour

This video comes from a customer. They are using this AmmoBot for loading 9mm at over 2,800 cycles per hour. This functionality is available only on AmmoBots running code version 3.6 or newer.

AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive Running 9mm Major

This video comes from a customer. They are using this AmmoBot for loading 9mm major.

Immortal Arms running 9mm at 1,850 rounds per hour

This video comes from Immortal Arms. They are using this MK1 for loading 9mm at around 1,850 rounds per hour.

Customer video loading 223 just under 2,300 rounds per hour

This video comes from our customer Hyperion Munitions. They are using this MK1 for loading 223 at just under 2,300 rounds per hour.

AmmoBot Setup by Immortal Arms

Our pals at Immortal Arms show you how to set up your AmmoBot

AmmoBot MK1 Running on a Dillon RL1050

February 18, 2016
It appears that the question has finally been answered.  Here is a short customer video showing an AmmoBot running on an RL1050.  

AmmoBot MK1 1050 Auto Drive Processing 7.62 NATO Machine Gun Brass

Oct 28, 2015
This is a customer video of their AmmoBot MK1 1050 Auto Drive processing 7.62 NATO brass that has been fired from a machine gun. Machine guns typically have a looser chamber to allow for more reliable feeding. This means that the brass must be sized more to get it back within tolerance. 7.62 NATO brass is also much thicker and harder to work than .308 Winchester.
Thanks to our friends at Texas Brass Works for the video. http://www.txbrassworks.com

AmmoBot™ MK1 Small Primer Detection

Aug 15, 2015
Brand new addition to the machine. This allows us to detect small primers in 45 ACP and stop the machine before the case makes it to the priming station.

Latest AmmoBot™ Production Version Running 9mm Luger

Jun 27, 2015
This is the latest version of the AmmoBot™ MK1 running 9mm Luger at almost 1700 rounds per hour.

AmmoBot™ MK1 processing 7.62 NATO brass

May 30, 2015
Some of our competitors modify the 1050 so it is unable to handle rifle rounds longer than the 5.56. We don't change the stroke length of your 1050, so you can still run longer rifle rounds.

Other videos available by visiting our YouTube channel or by viewing the videos on our Facebook page.

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